Do you play weddings? How about charity or corporate events? Or parties?

Yes, we play all of the above. Our smooth, intimate sound makes great non-intrusive music for a variety of formal, and less-formal events. Plus, we wear cool suits.

How much do you cost?

It all depends on the event, the length of time of the engagement, when it is and how far away. Let us know what you’d like and we’ll make something work for you.

Do you only play Nat King Cole’s music?

Well, not only…but mostly. In fact, we try to concentrate on Nat’s early trio period music, in addition to other bands of that era that had a similar sound. Plenty of great singers already cover Nat’s famous ballads; we’re interested in shining a light on the lesser-known earlier gems. Many people don’t know that Nat King Cole was also a witty songwriter, and we try to give time to those songs as well.

What if I want something with a little more volume?

If you’d like something with a bit more energy— say, for some swing dancing— the Kings of Cole trio can be augmented into a quartet with the addition of drums.

Does there need to be a piano for you?

Although we love having the opportunity to perform with a real piano when possible, we are aware that not every venue comes equipped with a recently-tuned baby grand. We’re happy to provide a convincing-sounding portable keyboard at no extra charge when the need arises.

Do you play “Unforgettable”?

Sure, if you request it…but we do it in an intimate trio style, as though it had been recorded 10 years earlier.

 How about “Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer”?

No. We have to draw the line somewhere.